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Each year hundreds of emergency response workers are injured or killed performing their chosen occupation. Video is still the most irrefutable evidence that wins and saves millions of dollars every year in lawsuits -- from the smallest fender-bender to the more serious, common incidents. Protect all your passengers and investments by equipping your emergency response vehicles with the latest VSS technology. All VSS ambulance packages are custom built.

Standared  Ambulance System

In this example package, two cameras are set up to face out each side of the front window and are panned slightly to the left and right of the vehicle. This gives a full 180° view. A third camera is set up to face out the rear window. A DVR records the environment as the vehicle enters traffic, documenting environmental hazards, oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

In addition, a cab camera records the internal environment of the vehicle. This documents any conditions the driver experiences. Able to capture both small and extreme violations, the cab camera assists operator training in the entire emergency response field.

If a driver monitor accessory is added to a package, the rear facing camera transforms into a rearview mirror. This assists in the prevention of possible accidents and liability.

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