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The last thing you want to worry about on the way to a fire is liability. Fire departments are always worried about the safety of their firefighters and EMTs, especially when the fire fighters are out the door and the lights go on.

Incident Camera

The incident camera is one of the best training tools your department can have. Position a rugged super heavy duty Vcam attached to a suction cup or its 60lbs magnet on a fire truck. Point the Vcam at the danger zone and record. The recording can be played back to show the department where things may have been done safer (or to lawyers to show why a decision was made).

Rearview Camera

Just about every fire truck has a massive tail swing and can be difficult to maneuver while in reverse or turning. The VSS rearview camera is a visual aid to the driver and a device able to record the environment around the fire truck.

All VSS fire truck packages are custom built. Some departments include frontal cameras to record en route footage. A camera can be placed at the top of the ladder hose to assist with better aim of the unit during a fire emergency. The VSS experienced customer care team has equipped many fire trucks in different ways and is able to customize and manufacture to meet your unique monitoring needs.

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