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In the near future every CIT (Cash In Transit) vehicle will have its own surveillance system. With such high priority packages on board, checking on operator performance is a must that will increase performance and quality control one hundred fold. It’s only a matter of time until mobile monitoring is done via cellular feed to home office based security.

IP Mobile Surveillance

The beauty of IP mobile surveillance is that you can keep a DVR in the vehicle to record the every-day work environment. Footage can be programmed to auto erase. In addition, redundant recording on a hard drive via a home office security center can be run. So, if an emergency event like an auto accident or attempted robbery were to occur, an alarm could notify the home office security center to record and monitor.

OEM / Dealers

When a company is willing to pay top dollar for the best vehicle on the market, their expectations are going to be high. A top of the line surveillance system only costs a fraction of a percent to you but the incentive to the purchaser will be invaluable. Video Surveillance Solutions will put a package together that best fits the demands of your vehicle and will train your technicians how to install it properly.

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