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The Analog TxRx Wireless Series


In a wireless video system, standard video and audio signals are input to the transmitter from a camera. The transmitter radio transmits these signals wirelessly via a microwave carrier to the receiver radio. The receiver outputs a standard video and audio signal on to your monitor or TV.



1. Consider The Pros & Cons First:


No Wires.

Cost effective: the cost of analog cameras is low.

Multiple receivers per camera: the signal from the camera can be picked up by many receivers, so you can have receivers in different locations and vice versa (multiple cameras).


Susceptible to interference from household appliances, such as cordless phones and microwaves and some farm equipment. Interference may affect the quality of images from the camera.

No signal strength indicator: there is no visual alert (like the bars on a cellular phone) indicating the strength of your signal.

Susceptible to interception: because analog wireless uses a consistent frequency, it is possible for the signals to be picked up by other receivers.

One-way communication only: it is not possible for the receiver to send signals back to the camera.





2 Choose Your Wireless Distance

TxRxHome TxRx400 TxRx1M TxRx2M



All TxRx wireless solutions require clear line-of-sight between antennas. Transmission will not carry through concrete, metal or any moisture dense substance. Power source is required at transmitter and receiver location.




3. Choose Your Model

The TxRx Series Comes In Three Format Options, & Each Format Comes With Four Antenna Options.

Made With BNC Connectors ToWork With DVRs, Multi CameraProcessors  & Standard cameras. Made With Q-Connect To WorkWith Qcams (DUALVIEW / QUADVIEW) Made With V-Connect To WorkWith The Heavy Duty Vcam















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