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(1) Qview 10” TFT LCD Color Monitor (2) Qcam 1/3” CCD Weatherproof Color Camera (2) QPVC 65ft Cord (2) QPVC 15ft Cord (1) QAV AV Cord (1) DDCPP DC Power Cord (1) Qmount (1) Qmote


Protect yourself and others by improving visibility and eliminating blind spots. Night or day the QUADVIEWm VSS 10" Surveillance System allows you to see approaching objects, obstructions and essential applications quickly and easily.

I can pull around my grain cart from one load to the next and never get out of the cab if I want. I find that my days are less strenuous and long when I use the QUADVIEWm. I can't see how I got along without it.” -- Don P.

The QUADVIEWm will make harvest easier by allowing you to view up to four otherwise unseeable locations. This 10” monitoring system will pay for itself within one season by cutting waste, keeping operators from making costly mistakes, and increasing work hours with standard IR Illuminators.


The QUADVIEWm Live Monitoring Kit costs: $670
View the baler pick up and discharge without continually having to twist and turn. Help guard against damage to the baler gate as well as unforeseen costs to your pocket book. Order now by calling 1-800-331-8764


The QUADVIEWm Kit Includes:


(1) Qview 10" TFT LCD Quad Color Monitor

Kit includes one Qview 10" TFT LCD quad color monitor, with exclusive VSS controls that allow you to make any AV-input a rearview mirror to see approaching objects and to see when driving in reverse. With the touch of a button use the split screen option on AV1 and AV2, AV3 and AV4, or on all four inputs. Comes with a Standard Qmount Mount

(2) Qcam 1/3" CCD Weatherproof Color Cameras

Kit includes two Qcam 1/3" CCD weatherproof color cameras. Full color 4mm 93° lens angle NTSC/PAL camera with 18 infrared illuminators that provide up to 25 feet of night time visibility. Waterproof rating at IP67. Aluminum alloy shell. (Camera can sit in the elements for years.)


(2) QPVC-65 Ft Weatherproof Cords


(2) QPVC-15 Ft Weatherproof Cords


(1) QAV AV Conversion Cable


(1) QDCPP DC Power Plug


(1) Qmote Remote





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