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Cameras On Combines and Machinery

Video Surveillance Solutions, Inc. began in agriculture. When we started there were no serious cameras on the market that could be used on and around the farm.

Camera housings easy fell apart, moisture, dust and chemicals corroded mounts, bolts and fittings. On machinery or in the barn, normal cameras had a short life span. We wanted to make a camera that could be removed and placed in various places on various machines as needed. It needed to hold up to the conditions in a combine at the chaffer and inside a baler. It needed to have secure water tight connections that won't corrode and solid body that could be knocked off, ran over and put right back on. Farm life is seasonal and it only adds to the value a tool when you can use it in more than one seasonal application. So we made it easy to be pulled off the combine and relocated to view a foaling calf or a pregnant mare.  


The Vcam was born and sold to farmers all over the world as a long life heavy duty utility camera. Today the Vcam is used in construction, mining, forestry, military and many other industries.


VSS has incorporated a full surveillance line to service our agricultural clients. Speak with one of our Ag Sales Representatives today and see if we can provide a solution to you.           




Food Security and Animal Welfare

Bio-security and agro-security will always be a concern to the public. It will only take one unfortunate incident to create havoc in the minds of the consumer. The more immediate threat to the food producers of America is the stigma that follows an animal welfare incident or a food contamination case. These types of incidences can be costly and detrimental to public safety.  The FDA and Food Industry have put regulations and standards in place to to protect against these costly incidents. The harm comes when these standards are not practiced on the farm and in production.


VSS has worked with bio-security specialists and industry leaders to provide surveillance and monitoring systems that will hold up to farm life as well as industry specific standards. With products like the heavy duty Vcam, an operator can lengthen system life by as much as 80%. VSS can package your system to be installed by VSS or your local low voltage integrator. Call today to get an estimate. 



Horse care

VSS has cameras in hundreds of stables across America, we have a variety of solution perfect for the horse owner. In your livestock trailer or in the stables, let VSS find you an horse and foaling monitoring system.

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