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Video Surveillance Solutions, Inc. (VSS) specializes in every aspect of surveillance and monitoring. We can build a surveillance package to fit your budget and property needs.

Surveillance systems in commercial locations are employed forensically as evidence when an event of interest like theft, vandalism or other liabilities occurs on your property.

{tab Getting Started}

If you are in a VSS service area, we are happy to come out to your property and assess your surveillance needs with you. If you are outside a VSS service area, we are still more than happy to assess your needs over the phone.

Please take a few moments to review the assessment preparation list below. Your answers help us determine the systems and packages that best fit your surveillance needs

{tab How Many Cameras}

Determine how many rooms or areas need to be monitored.

{tab Coverage}

What needs to be seen by your cameras? This will help decide how many cameras are needed.

{tab Indoor / Outdoor}

Determine whether the areas being monitored are indoors or outdoors and whether they will be exposed to direct sunlight:

1 -- Illuminated at all times. (ER Lobby)
2 -- Mostly illuminated. (Office Space)
3 -- Dimly lit most of the time. (Courtyard)
4 -- Mostly dark. (Parking Garage)
5 -- Pitch black sometimes. (Cold Storage)

{tab Monitoring Station}

Think of a couple options. Remember, with the advances in technology your station can be in a back room, a security room, at home, or completely cyber viewable from anywhere you have an internet connection.






Do you want to monitor your property from anywhere?

The internet has changed all our lives in many positive ways. Now we can remain connected in a way never before possible. Take advantage of our networking equipment to use internet based surveillance interfacing to view and record from anywhere you can log in. Even download an app to your smart phone, log on to your network and monitor what's going on at the office from virtually anywhere you have a signal. Video Surveillance Solutions, Inc. surpasses security applications and goes straight to everyday applications.


When Shopping For Surveillance

Surveillance will never be one size fits all. Buying a prepackaged kit is ideal for some applications and uses. But if there is any question in your mind whether or not a kit is the best option for you, give us a call.

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