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About VSS

Video Surveillance Solutions incorporated in January 2007. We offer the latest in stationary and mobile surveillance technology with an experienced customer care team that includes on-site engineer and service technician support.


How Did VSS Get Its Start

We are a result of the merging of three companies which have been in the Digital Video market since it first became available in 2002. You name it, we have the surveillance resources you can count on.


The Vcam was developed as a result of direct contact with end users (farmers) to improve the current cameras used in the fields and around the farm. The Vcam was then introduced to other markets with great success.


Recently, the Vcam was used in the NatGeo AxMan television show in the forestry industry. The Vcam has also gained notoriety on charter fishing boats, submersed 100 feet underwater investigating topography and feeding habits of multiple fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why Use VSS

Our customers can expect internationally recognized top of the line technology with local high quality service and support.  VSS is a full service supply company that provides:

  • manufacturing of products and supplies
  • integration of applications and products
  • customization of specialty needs and requirements

VSS services all our warranties, repairs, and RMA processes.   This means fewer hoops to jump through, IT technicians and engineers who are local, and project managers who are top specialists in their fields.


In The News

KMOT 10 News article and video on “Smarter farming”

StarTribune article and photos on “Video advances big crime-solving aid”

KTIV 4 News article on “Business makes big splash to keep you safe”

Brickhouse Security reports<ahref="http:"=""> on “High resolution surveillance cameras”

Caught On Camera

A Video Surveillance Solutions demonstration site gets buggerized. Crystal-clear night vision images of the assailant’s face were captured, which was recorded on 16 separate VSS cameras. View actual footage on local news stations:

KARE 11 News video on "Police investigate burglar caught on camera"

FOX 9 News video on "16 cameras catch Minneapolis burglar on tape"

KSTP 5 News video on "Thief caught on tape"


VSS Testimonials

Keep On Truckin'...

Wouldn’t be without one.

This Vcam enables me to see the exact position to pull the grain trailer under the auger. Never have to crawl up on the trailer any more. Switched tractors and used one without the VSS cam system. Didn’t take long to get another system back in there. Have not had a moisture problem with the VSS cam like we had with the previous cams used.

Les Gosch, Gosch Trucking
Mapleton, Iowa

A Farmer’s Perspective...

I have run 567 and 568 balers in the daytime and night. I have located a Vcam on every spot I can think of to make sure I have a perfect bale. 

Traded tractors and had to bale without the Vcam’s one day and night. Never again. If the camera system doesn’t work properly -- I’m broke down.

Curt Crichton, Hilltop Baling
Hornick, Iowa

VSS911 Application...

My security services firm had VSS install our small fleet of security vehicles with video surveillance systems. It's amazing how many times we needed the videos that were recorded in court. The video clarity was amazing as well. Great job! 

Michael S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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