Video Surveillance Solutions

The Vcam - Best camera in its class.
The Vcam - 100% Submersible Providing Surveillance On Both Fresh And Salt Water Boats.


If you're in the market for a new surveillance system or just need to add onto an existing system.

Video Surveillance Solutions, Inc. specializes in every aspect of surveillance and monitoring. We can build a surveillance package to fit your budget and property needs...

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On an auger looking into a grain cart or in a barn for calving, we can find you the right solution. 

Farmers use agricultural surveillance to stay more productive by monitoring specific tasks like combine or grain cart functions. Those same systems could than be modified for calving...

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Our Vcam is 100% waterproof made for the salted air of the sea and the pressure of the deep. 

Imagine a camera system you can submerge into fresh or salt water that is able to capture three separate views with a switch of a bolt. The DEPTHVIEW can be used three ways...

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policecarPolice cars, fire trucks and ambulances all over Minnesota have VSS camera systems.

Documentation has proven over and over to protect department assets and employees from both fraudulent claims and as crucial evidence in convicting criminals...

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Food Security and Animal Welfare

Bio-security and agro-security will always be a concern to the public. It will only take one unfortunate incident to create havoc in the minds of the consumer. The more immediate threat to the food producers of America is the stigma that follows an animal welfare incident or a food contamination case. These types of incidents can be costly and detrimental to public safety. The FDA and Food Industry have put regulations and standards in place to to protect against these costly incidences. The harm comes when these standards are not practiced on the farm and in production.


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